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Makaton NZ/Aotearoa is thrilled to share with you our new visual online resource for Stages 1 and 2 words.

It’s still a work in progress – we’ll be adding videos to demonstrate the signs.

The Makaton Language Programme supports communication skills with visuals: combining speech with signs, symbols and photos.
Our aim was sourcing clear, easily recognisable images for all.

Enjoy using these beautiful images to match our Makaton signs & symbols.

Why the “your photo” image?
We suggest you take your own photos for these words.

Why is there a symbol instead of an image?
This word is abstract and shows the value of Makaton symbols as the best visual helper.

Makaton Online

We have some ideas for you.

You could:

  • Print and make a book of the signs/symbols that are your focus. Tamariki and adults alike can look at the images and have fun signing together.
  • Make posters to put up on the wall for a reminder of your focus words for the Makaton Language Programme.
  • Add into power point slides to use with your tamariki

We would love your feedback as to what works well, what could be improved, how you have used the resource.

We’ll use your feedback to tweak Stages 1 and 2. Once we are confident this online resource is meeting your needs we will add the remaining stages and a subscription plan.